And she dreamt she could fly

I don’t know what it is about a hot air balloon that has always fascinated me? Maybe it’s because the whole idea seems very romantic, jumping into a basket and letting the wind carry you away… or maybe it’s just because they look cool? Who knows.

After hearing about and seeing photos of Bristol’s international hot air balloon fiesta for years on end now,  it is my great pleasure to announce *drum roll please* on the 12th of August I finally, FINALLY, got to see my beloved hot air balloons in person… and it was magical!

The fiesta itself is apparently Europe’s largest ballooning event and it truly is an amazing spectacle! The price is great too with the day being open to all and completely FREE. This year it ran from 10th – 13th August 2017 and up to 150 hot air balloons would take off from Ashton Court Estate at dawn every morning and light up the skies at night.

But this event is so much more than just balloons, oh yes, because I have never seen so many food stalls in all my life! Any food or drink you could possibly think of, this place had a stall for it (there was even a whole tent dedicated to cheese! I mean is this not the best place ever)

The grounds were stunning also (once you got passed the fair ground and men jumping from planes.) Home to a beautiful yellow building (that I forgot the name of) and mature gardens, it was a perfect place to grab hold of your partner’s hand and stroll in peace.

This event really did have everything and fulfilled my dream of being up, close and personal with a hot air balloon… next stop, going up!


The web page for the event is:
and here you’ll be able to get all the information you’ll need about next years fiesta, if you’re interested



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