And so, the adventure begins 🏡

Both myself and Marc have each downloaded separate house hunting apps, my Facebook ads now consist of weddings or houses and every so often my phone will get a notification of a link Marc has sent me of the latest find in our home hunting mission.

I’m 21 years old, engaged to an electrical technician who I’ve loved since I was 16 and as of now, are searching for the perfect first home together. All I need, is to get accepted onto a PGCE course or get a child related job and life would be pretty much perfection.

Now Marc and I, being the greatest team of all time… Ish…  Both have requirements for our house. He wants a garage, his little Roberta (that’s what his car is called) needs to be safe, sound and dry when he has the work van. I want three bedrooms, one for ourselves (obviously), one for a spare or  baby (just incase) and one I can turn into a study/library until we need it otherwise. I’ve always dreamt of a kitchen big enough for an island but what I will not compromise on is the garden! It has to be big enough for a dog to run and play but it also needs to be full of grass. This is down to my visions of cute family picnics with our future little one, wishes of days passing while him or her are playing on a tree swing at the bottom of the garden and my dream of have my very own herby vegetable patch… Therefore, the grass is a necessity.

Not too much to ask… Right?

Oh, and it all has to be in budget but out of the county we are currently living in (because although I love little old Abertillery, the council is a mess) but not too far away from family or Marc’s job in Newport

Yep, this one is going to be tricky…

During this last year,  life has suddenly gotten very real. I’ve always been told I am an old head on young shoulders but it’s only now I’m beginning to understand what that really means.

21 years old, just bearly an adult and while all my friends are out every weekend getting drunk, sleeping around and just enjoying being young. I have another path, I don’t blame them for wanting to be free just that little bit longer nor do I envy them. You can’t miss something you’ve never had I suppose and all I’ve ever known is Marc.

So while Marc is being the practical one, counting pennies and bursting my bubbles. I have my head in the clouds, decorating our house, matching colour schemes and planting herb gardens.

Wish us luck!

Fingers crossed I don’t get too carried away.

Us out celebrating Marc reaching “electrical technician” after three years working and learning at network rail


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