Walking in a WinterWonderland 🎶

Ice skating has always been a love of mine. From watching dancing on ice as a child to my parents taking me to Cardiff ice rink one birthday once apon a time.

So for the last two years after much begging, pleading and bribing I’ve managed to convince Marc to join me in going to Cardiff’s WinterWonderland ice rink 

*insert cheering here*

Now sport has always come easy to me. After being apart of numerous school sports teams (netball, hockey etc…) going to a gymnastics club and running for South Wales’ Athletics team, it was no surprise that ice skating came naturally as well.

Marc on the other hand with no sense of balance had a much harder time with things! Imagine this year’s dancing on ice TV ad where the male polar bear falls and slides all over the ice while the woman bear glides past with ease. This is how our trip went! While Marc clung to my hand like his life depended on it… Which it very well might have, I tried not to fall over while laughter took over my body. (you’ll be glad to know my zero falls record is still intact)

We lasted 20 minutes of our 1 hour time slot before Marc begged me to go off the ice as his feet were about to fall off but it was the best £32 I’ve ever spent. New Years day spent with my love, laughing so hard I couldn’t keep still made everything single  penny well spent. 
Oh, and it’s become a new tradition for us… He’s even promised to buy me dinner to make up for his early departure and is going to take me skating as practice for next year!

If you fancy taking up something new, why not give ice skating a go? And if you fail disastrously like Marc you can always enjoy a hot chocolate and have a go winning a prize hooking a duck!

Cardiff’s winter wonderland is almost over but if you want to go next year their website is: http://www.cardiffswinterwonderland.com/en/

Or if you want a more private go try Cardiff’s ice rink? Their website is: http://www.icearenawales.co.uk

And if you don’t live in Wales, most cities have their very own WinterWonderland come Christmas time which you can easily find online!

Happy Skating ⛸



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